Come and See Part 7: The Resurrection (Luke 24:1-49) – Easter

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Sermon Notes

The evidence for Jesus’ resurrection is overwhelming. This is why the authorities had to engage in a major cover up. Look at our final portion of scripture this morning in Matthew 28:11-15. They paid the soldiers to say that the disciples had stolen his body. But even this lie did not work. After the resurrection, belief in Christ’s resurrection skyrocketed. In just a few short days the Church would have over ten thousand followers.

The point is clear; immediately after rising from the Grave Jesus showed himself to his followers who were in doubt. To the women at the tomb. To the men on the road to Emmaus. And finally to his disciples. And now he has revealed himself to us.

Even though the resurrection may be the most scrutinized event of all time, the risen Christ has revealed himself to us through his Word, his Holy Spirit, those in the Church, and through academic means. Why? Because he reveals himself to those who seek him, those who walk with him, and even those who may have doubts about him.