Come and See Part 8: The Ascension & The Promise Of The Holy Spirit (Luke 24:48-53)

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Sermon Notes

Jesus continually encourage his disciples with the aspect that though he is leaving them, he will not be gone for long for he is coming in the form of the Holy Spirit to not live with them but to live in them.

Perhaps you need that encouragement too? Perhaps the fact that you cannot be with Christ in the flesh is a source of frustration. Perhaps you, like many others, have thought of how much easier it would be to have a strong faith if you could only see him with your eyes and touch him with your hands. How quickly we forget the words from John 20:29; “blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” And we are blessed. We are blessed that we have the opportunity of faith in believing and not seeing. We cannot see, therefore our faith is all the more real. But we are also blessed in that we have a helper and comforter to give us even greater faith when our faith runs dry.

This message is for those who long to see him, to see him with eyes of faith through the power of the promised Holy Spirit. The Ascension gives us a greater opportunity to see through the Spirit what we could never see with our eyes.