Culture Shock Part 2: Covid Christianity (Luke 21:10-12)

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Sermon Notes

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic is the core issue of 2020. It has reeked havoc on our society, it has wrecked our economy, and it has ruined our plans in ways we could never have imagined. Nothing like this has ever happened in our lifetimes. And we can choose to let it discourage us and defeat us, or we can allow it to be used for something greater than our misery.  And, this is where we are confronted with one of our greatest personal conflicts of this year. Here’s where the real struggle lies. Many of us feel that we have been treated unfairly by God. Many of us probably feel that we have been oppressed by the government. We say things like, how could God allow this to happen, or how could our government be so restrictive and take away our freedoms? And in the midst of it all we are left simply thinking of ourselves. We are throwing our own private pity party. Isn’t it a shame that some of us have been so focused on how this has affected us that we have neglected to see the struggles and the afflictions of those outside our homes? Or worse, we have grown bitter and disenfranchised to the point of blaming and then abandoning God.  And, so, that leaves us with a important question this morning; in the midst of Covid-19, how can we take our eyes off of ourselves, and our struggles, and focus on what God says in his Word?  As we dive into scripture, we discover what our reaction as believers should be to our God, to the government, and to our neighbors as it relates to this pandemic. What God shows us is that; “The way the Church responds to Covid could determine how the world responds to Christ.”