Expect A Miracle Part 1: Jesus Can Cure Any Disease (Luke 16:17-19)

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Sermon Notes

We are starting a new series on the miracles of Jesus Christ. And, this is our very last series in our year and a half journey through the Gospels. During the Easter season for the next seven weeks we will be looking at the miracles of Jesus and what they mean specifically for us. Since the Bible tells of so many distinct miracles we will be categorizing these miracles into groups. We will start by looking at all the miracles where Jesus cured someone of a specific sickness or disease. We see that in Luke 6:17-19, Matthew 14:34-36, and Mark 6:53-56 that Jesus healed everyone who came to him.  Jesus healed leprosy, Jesus healed fever, and everything in between. Jesus healed to such an extent that people from all over the region, from miles and miles away, came to him to be healed of their diseases… and they were cured by his power! At some point we will all experience the struggle of disease. And when we do experience disease, we are thankful for doctors and medicine… but let me ask you this question; “who do you trust with your disease?” I believe that “Prayer is our first response, not a last resort.” Why? Because it means that we depend on Christ to take care of us. Instead of trying every other means of healing first and then coming to Christ when there is no other hope… we come to Christ first and expect him to do what only He can do! So who do you trust with your disease? Today our prayer is that this would become your heart when faced with disease; Before the doctor’s diagnosis, medical procedures and prescriptions, my hope in the midst of disease is the healing power of Christ!