Flawed Heroes Part 4: Abimelech The Betrayer

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Sermon Notes

Abimelech conspires with his mother to kill 70 of his brothers and take over as leader of Israel. He makes and alliance with the pagan city state of Shechem and then with their approval kills all 70 of his brothers by beheading them all on one stone. Can you imagine what kind of evil must be in one’s heart to behead 70 of your brothers. Brothers who you grew up with, played with, and at one point loved. And in doing so he unashamedly betrays the legacy of his father Gideon. Abimelech is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to be the ruler. Selfish ambition is willing to do whatever it takes… even very evil things.

So why does God use this evil man? Because God is always in control and his plan is always to free his people! No other Judge illustrates our main theme more than Abimelech… God uses flawed people to free people. God even uses evil people. Why? Because God is sovereign over evil. Psalm 103:19 tells us that the Lord has established and rules over all. Proverbs 19:21 reminds us that man has plans but the lord will stand. And of course Romans 8:28 gives us the promise that God works all things together for the good of his people and his will. God takes evil people and evil intentions and somehow supernaturally uses it to accomplish his will. And so again we look at the words of Joseph in Genesis 50:20 what you meant it for evil God meant it for good. Abimelech, what you meant for evil… God meant for good! It truly is amazing… One of the greatest miracles is the fact that God takes our selfish ambition and sinful actions and uses them to achieve his sovereign plan.