He Said What? Part 6: It Would Be Better To Drown (Matthew 18:1-6)

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Sermon Notes

Again we see here some seemingly shocking statements from Christ – not the least of which is this where in Matthew 18:1-6 he says; “it would be better to drown than to tempt a child to sin.” Jesus is straight up saying, that it would be better for you to die than to cause a child to sin against God. That’s pretty serious.  Why does Jesus care so much about the purity of his children to the point that if someone causes them to sin they should die? There are many reasons but here we see three main ones. First, children belong to the kingdom of God because they are innocent. Secondly, children exhibit a genuine faith. And Third, the humility of children is one of the greatest virtues. Protecting our children’s souls from the pagan ideals of this world is the responsibility of every believer; for both their sake and ours.