He Said What? Part 7: Sell Everything You Have (Mark 10:17-31)

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Sermon Notes

Again, we will see another shocking statement from Christ when he blatantly and boldly asks a rich man to; “sell everything you have and give it to the poor.” I’m not kidding. Jesus tells this guy that if he wants to be a disciple of Christ that instead of just coming to church a couple of times a month or praying before his meals, or just quit cussing; instead of that, Jesus tells him go sell all of your worldly possessions and give all of your money to the poor and then you can come and be my disciple! In our world, our consumerism driven, merit based, capitalistic society, that makes no sense. Jesus, I earned this money. Jesus, I worked hard for this money. Jesus, I thought you wanted to bless me? Surely Jesus isn’t being literal.  So what am I missing?  Le’t us stop hearing what we want to hear and start hearing what Jesus is saying because I promise you at the least he is saying this; if we have more than we need, which we do, and the world needs Jesus, which it does, then we can most certainly give a little more for the cause