He Said What? Part 8: You Must Be A Slave (Mark 10:35-45)

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Sermon Notes

If slavery is evil why would Christ call us to it? The answer is simple. The slavery of Africans in early America was not consensual. It was fully against their will, but Jesus calls us to willingly subjugate ourselves to his will. Jesus isn’t going to make us his slaves; rather he is asking us to trust him and follow him autonomously. Jesus wants us to follow him so closely and trust him so greatly that our relationship shows that he is our master and we are his to do with us what he wills. Spiritual slaves. And unlike the cruel plantation masters of years past who beat their slaves into submission, Jesus gently and lovingly entices us into his service. He shows us a life worth living and lovingly woos us into a life which the Bible refers to as abundant. Where as human slavery was the worst kind of life, spiritual slavery to Christ is the most joyous freeing life we can have here on earth.