James Part 2: Trials / Triumph

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Sermon Notes

Faith is messy. It’s not a “if we go through trials.” It’s a “when we go through trials.” Like, if you aren’t in one right now… you will be in one soon. We will all experience trials and storms and suffering. It’s not a maybe… its a guarantee. But in the midst of our trials we have a promise that they aren’t all bad… in fact they are good. I don’t know about you… but thats messy.

 What about divorce? Well, I love that James just lumps every trial into the word “various.” Divorce would fit in various. What about a kid who is just off the rails? Various. What about loosing a loved one? Yep. What about financial trouble? Various. All of them. If you fear it and if it tries your faith… its a trial.

And so every trial that we fear to go through is a test of our faith meant to lead us to a triumphant finish. Our trials have a purpose and a plan… and so we don’t need to be afraid of them. In fact we are called to embrace them. We are called to consider them all Joy!