James Part 3: Temptation / Truth

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Sermon Notes

For those of you who have struggled with sin only to shrug it off as someone else’s fault… sin just got a lot more serious didn’t it. If you can’t pin it on someone else, if you can’t blame it on God or Satan… well now you have to deal with it… and dealing with sin is not easy. Sin is deception… so how exactly do we move from temptation into truth? How do we overcome the temptation to sin in our lives? Well, it’s hard to bait a full fish. In other words… When we feast on the blessings of God we lose our appetite for the base temptations of the flesh. Feast on the goodness of God and you will no longer be attracted to sinful things. No matter what… you can’t escape temptations… but you can beat them. How? By knowing the true nature of sin. Deception leads to desire which leads to disobedience… which culminates in DEATH. The better you know what sin is and how it manifests itself in our lives, the easier it is to defeat. And by knowing the truth of God’s goodness… which is ultimately salvation in Christ. If we trust in Christ to take away our sin and the lure of sin forever… if we feast on his goodness… we won’t have any room for sinfulness.