James Part 5: Judgment / Mercy

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Sermon Notes

James wants to help us practice God’s Word, so he gives us a simple test.  He sent two visitors to a church service, one who is obviously doing well for himself, and one who is not doing so well, and he watched to see how they were treated.  If we don’t get anything else this morning we must get this… The way we treat people is a reflection of what we really believe about God.  We mustn’t separate human relationship and divine fellowship.  1 John 4:20 makes it clear… if we say we love God but hate our brother we are liars.  If we truly believe that Jesus is God, that God’s Grace is good, that the Word of God is true, and that the judgement of God is coming then that will be made clear through the way we accept, care for, and love people of all walks of life.  James makes it clear we cannot claim to be Christians and play favorites, show partiality, or discriminate.