King of Kings 3: A King You Can’t Kill

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Sermon Notes

are we willing to surrender our desires to be our own king or are we going to reject the authority of the one true king in order to hold on to control over our lives. At some point we must realize that we are not the king of our life and trying to hold onto kingship will be our demise. True life, true freedom, is found in worshipping the one true king. And as we will see this morning; you really have one of two choices here. You must either die to your self or you must try to kill Jesus.

But you say, didn’t Jesus actually die? And I’m glad you brought that up. He did die… but not because someone killed him, rather because he laid his life down so that we could be saved. The only way Jesus could die is if he allowed it. And then just as quick as he died… he took his life back up again and was resurrected from the dead.