Mission Minded Part 1: Missing The Boat On Missions

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Sermon Notes

The great commission isn’t a special mission for those who have ascended to the greatest heights of our religion. Rather, it’s like learning your shapes or colors in kindergarten. It is the most basic thing we are called to do. To be a Christian is to accept the great commission as our most basic mission. Rookie Christians are expected to be missionaries – to go and make disciples, and yet here we are where statistics show us that 90 percent of professing Christians in America have never shared their faith to a non-believer and only 1 percent of us have actually led someone to faith in Christ. Suffice it to say, we aren’t mission minded. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve missed the boat on missions.

And so, we need to recommit to the mission of the great commission and learn what it means to be mission minded. Jonah was called to go on a mission very similar to ours, but just like many of us, he didn’t want to go. He, like many of us, decided to make up his own mission and missed the boat. So as we begin this series by looking at the first two chapters of Jonah I want us to recognize this; Reclaiming The Great Commission Takes Repenting Of Grave Convenience.