More Like Jesus Part 1: The Pursuit of Righteousness (Matthew 3:13-4:11)

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Sermon Notes

If Jesus is the most important figure in all of history; if He is as Spurgeon says, “the most unique, credible, and undeniable case of the diety of God in human form,” then we must pay attention to who he is and how he lived. If there is none like unto him as the Son of God then we have two divine directives; to know him more and to be more like Him.
Our 10 week series begins by exploring the two events Jesus had to endure in order to be prepared to launch his earthly ministry; his baptism and his temptation. In looking at Jesus’ life through these two events we see how we as believers are to pursue righteousness in everything we do. Spiritual Baptism is the beginning of the pursuit of righteousness. it is sustained through sinless living as we resist the temptations of the enemy.