More Like Jesus Part 5: Bread That Satisfies (John 6:22-71)

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Sermon Notes

The application is simple. How much do you desire and depend on Jesus to sustain you and satisfy you? Do you find that Jesus is the meal, or that he is simply a side dish? Do you find your joy in the things of this world? If Jesus wasn’t a thing in your life, how would that change your life? Another way of asking that is this… if Jesus were a single building block in the tower of your life would removing it cause the whole thing to fall down? If not, you aren’t depending on Jesus enough! I dare say, you aren’t depending on him enough to even be saved.

We must depend on him to be saved and then we must depend on him to live the Christian life everyday. Is that something you are doing? Are you feeding on him every single day or are you a causal if not infrequent visitor to the restaurant of Jesus? How can you make it without Him? I dare say if you can make it without Jesus then you don’t know him.