More Like Jesus Part 6: Depending on the Great I Am (John 8:12-59)

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Sermon Notes

In Exodus Moses comes across a sight so astounding that he literally can’t believe his eyes; a bush on fire but is not consumed. He goes over to investigate and discovers that the bush also speaks. It tells him to take of his shoes because he is standing on Holy Ground. You know the story right? The bush, who Moses now recognizes as God, tells him to go and free the Israelites from the Egyptians and after reluctantly agreeing, Moses has one last question; who do I tell them sends me. Basically, God, what is your name? And God tells him, I Am that I Am. Tell them I Am sends you!

In John 8:58 Jesus uses the exact same phrase speaking of himself. Jesus is the I Am because Jesus and God are the same. In fact Jesus uses the “I Am” phrase several times in the book of John to show that he is God, but also to let his followers know that they can depend on him. As we saw last week in John 6 Jesus says “I Am” the bread of life. In John 8 he says “I Am” the light of the world. In John 10 he says “I Am” the good shepherd, the door to the sheep. In John 11 he says “I Am” the resurrection and the life. In John 14 he says “I Am” the way, the truth, and the life. And in John 15 he says “I Am” the true vine. All of these sayings use symbolic language to help us recognize that our assurance, our credence, our hope, our faith, our reliance, and yes… our dependence can be placed in no other than Jesus Christ.