One Small Step Part 1: Day To Day

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Sermon Notes

Many people consider the height of human achievement to be the moment Neil Armstrong stepped out of the LEM, walked down the ladder, bounced onto the surface of the moon, and said these famous words… “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Now we all know these famous words… but do we truly understand the gravitas of what they mean. Do we understand what a giant leap it was in the history of the world and in the advancement of innovation and technology? Exactly how many small human steps did it take to get to this small step on the moon?Are you aware that your lives are a series of small steps, one building on another. Small choices from birth that have formed who you really are. The distance from your beginning to now is a million miles long… but that distance still consists of small steps. Small steps that we rarely ever think of. Right? We don’t like to think about small steps really. Why? Because we don’t like small steps. What we like is big dreams. We love to dream big dreams but we don’t like to take small steps.This morning we begin a journey of small steps that lead to big change. Here’s your first small step! Depend on Jesus Christ! Daily depend on Jesus Christ. You don’t need to take another step until you can take this step. Everyday determine to begin your day by hearing his voice and meditating on his word and depending on him to establish your steps. Your Destiny Is Determined By Day To Day Decisions. Your destiny is determined by day to day dependency on Jesus.