One Small Step Part 2: Get Past The Past

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Sermon Notes

Our struggle isn’t simply that we get bored or frustrated with small steps. Yes, we don’t like small steps. We like to dream big dreams but we don’t like to take small steps. But, it’s not just because we are overwhelmed by the journey. There’s something else that is keeping us from taking those steps. There’s something holding us back isn’t there? And you know what it is right? Say it with me, “My… Past.”

It’s our past. It’s the reason why we don’t like to make resolutions, it’s the reason we struggle with commitments, it’s the reason why we often stay in places that God has not called us to stay. We don’t progress because, “I’ve tried it before and I got hurt, or I failed, or it didn’t work.” God, I can’t take that next step, because last time I took that step I fell and it hurt and I’m not sure I can get past it now. And here’s something you need to understand. God gets it. God knows that our pasts are huge obstacles to moving forward. Look with me if you would at a passage I came across in the book of Lamentations. If you are looking for encouragement… I would encourage you not to read the book of lamentations. But there is one passage that is really good… the whole point of the book hinges on this passage right here. It says in Lamentations 3:19-23 that we will struggle with our past but the love of God and his mercies are new every morning. How do we move past our past? How do we take the small step past our past everyday? By recognizing that God is good and his mercy is new every morning.

Today I want us to see that we can leave our past in the past. We can get past our past and start moving forward. Today I want you to know that… Your Past Can Only Hold You Back As Long As You Choose To Trust In It More Than The Mercy And Love Of Christ .