One Small Step Part 4: Established By The Lord

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Sermon Notes

So what does it mean that God establishes our steps?  I think we struggle with verses like this because they seem to weigh against our autonomy, our free will. Do verses like this mean that we really don’t have a choice in the matter? Do they mean that when I make a step it wasn’t really my decision to make that step, but instead God was making me make that step? And if that is the case, do I have any freedom to make my own decisions and take my own steps? Who’s actually taking my steps? Me or God? And, does it really matter?  Well the short answer is yes, yes, and yes. But the answer is more complicated and at the same time more simple than that. Today I want us to recognize something so fundamental to our faith that it determines how we take our steps. As believers who everyday struggle to take small steps in God’s way we need to get this… My Steps May Be My Own, But I Can Never Walk Outside God’s Sovereign Path.