One Small Step Part 6: In His Steps

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Sermon Notes

Do you want to take one small step towards Christ today? Then pick up the pace. Make sure you stay in step with Christ through the word and prayer. Make sure you don’t let you past stop you from following Jesus. Make sure you don’t try to get to the road in one sprint, but just make it to the bush a few feet in front of you. Pace yourself and keep Jesus in your sights.

Do you want to make one small step towards Christ today? Then simply see what Jesus did, determine what he would do, and then do that! He loved, cared for, befriended, and ministered with outcasts. He forgave, served, gave, and prayed. He preached repentance, obeyed God’s commands, and eventually humbled himself to suffer for us by dying on the cross. So… do that! It won’t be easy… but it will change the world. Following In Christ’s Steps Often Means Leaving The Easy Path.