Outcasts Part 4: Peter (Matthew 16:18-23)

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Sermon Notes

But, even after agreeing to follow Christ as a disciple we still find him making a mess of things every time we turn around. He keep sticking his foot in his mouth, losing his temper, flying off the handle, or rushing into things without thinking them through. In his weakest moments he even allowed his old sinful self to open the door for Satan’s influence to rebuke Christ and eventually deny him. Peter did nothing… listen, NOTHING, to deserve the love, care, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and discipleship of Christ. And yet, Jesus, in the flesh, not only made him a disciple but allowed him to take the unofficial leadership spot of the 12 disciples. The application is simple. Let Jesus pick you back up. You’ve messed up just like Peter. You’ve been a very strong cup of coffee to say the least. You’ve said the wrong thing. You’ve done the wrong thing. You’ve denied Christ. You’ve failed to proclaim Christ. You’ve cut off an ear. You’ve sunk beneath the waves. You’ve gone back to fishing. All of that. Who cares! Stop thinking that you aren’t worthy. Of course you aren’t. You never were. But he is. So let him pick you back up! Through every stupid mistake, the patient, merciful love of Christ prevails