Philippians Part 7: The Practice of Standing Firm While Running

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Sermon Notes

How can we run and stand firm at the same time? They are pretty much opposite actions. If I run I can’t stand firm, and if I stand firm I can’t run. Is Paul confused? Have we finally found a contradiction here in the Word of God? Of is it possible that we can both run and stand firm at the same time?

As crazy as it sounds, this is actually not a paradox. This morning I want you to know that the Christian life is both a race to run and a rest to stand firm in. I want us this morning to learn how to practice running while standing firm. You see, there is a secret to the Christian’s joy. And, it’s this; Jesus lives in us, and in a way runs for us, and if we are to lay hold of his life it is necessary that we stop trying to run the race ourselves, but allow him to run it in our stead. So we stand firm in Christ who actually runs our race. The Secret to Running the Christian Race is Keeping a Firm Grip On Christ Within.