Resist The Exist 4: Remain Passionate For The Lord

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Sermon Notes

A passion for God is the defining characteristic of a Christian… or at least it should be. Merely existing is the opposite of that. Those who are merely existing have become apathetic, uncaring, mediocre in their faith, and simply lazy. They have given up on what matters the most to simply run out the clock. They have no passion for ministry or for the mission of God. Their fire has all but gone completely out. I see Christians like this all the time. Their hobbies get them excited. Their sports teams get them excited. Their shows get them excited. They are passionate about a great many worldly things, but when it comes to their Lord and Savior… they have very little passion… if any at all. For example, this morning we sang some very powerful songs about our Lord… but many of us probably just sang words rather than feeling the impact of what those words meant. Would anyone look at us singing these songs and say that we are passionate about our God? I’m not judging… I’m just trying to help us realize that it is possible that we have forgotten what a passion for God even looks like anymore. Let’s face it church… we, and the rest of the American Church have a serious problem. We claim to be Christians yet we have lost our passion for our God and with it our identity.