Resist The Exist 5: Persevere

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Sermon Notes

Our keyword here is Persevere! Hold Fast, Outdo, Remain, and Persevere. Sounds like a very good defense against existing doesn’t it. Persevere, means to simply not give up; to be patient in tribulation. It’s right there in the text. Throughout the Bible, God constantly calls us to not give up when things get hard. It’s kind of like our signature move as believers. We love others genuinely and we have a hope that perseveres through hardship. But of course it’s easier said than done. When things get hard… our first response is usually to shelter up and try to survive… to keep existing. We say.. okay I didn’t sign up for this so I’m out. But that mentality is not for us… if we are to resist the exist we must persevere.

So how exactly can we persevere, how can we be patient in tribulation? This morning our verse gives us three ways we can be patient in tribulation and not give up. And what we will see is… If God has never given up on you, how could you ever give up on Him?