Resist The Exist 7: Contributors or Consumers

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Sermon Notes

We have a pandemic in the American church today and it’s not Covid… it’s Consumerism. In existing we’ve become a people who ask not what we can do for our God or our Church but ask what our God or our Church can do for us. In our apathetic attempt to run out the clock the only thing we’ve aspired to… the only thing that arouses us out of our religious stupor is when we become the center of attention. When others serve us, when we are entertained, when we are given special preference… then we’ll show up. But when we are called upon to serve others, minister on a team, or weather shaky or difficult times… well that doesn’t interest us in the slightest. It’s unfortunate but the church in America has become a consumer driven industry, where we attempt to produce a quality product to lure new members who fill seats. We’ve catered to consumers for years and now we shouldn’t be surprised when our churches are filled with them.

We must shift our focus and change our mentality. God doesn’t desire a church filled with people waiting to be blessed… he’s looking for a church filled with people who are saying, how can I be a blessing.