Resist The Exist 8: Finish Strong

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Sermon Notes

The regret that comes with having given up on the things that matter the most is often a pill too hard to swallow. Yes, it is very easy to quit something that is difficult. And yes, it is hard to continue a course that is painful and punishing. But if that course is for something greater than you or me, something greater than the trivial pursuits of pleasure and prestige… then perhaps they are worth it.
For us as Christians this goes so much further. We know for a fact that there is nothing more important to pursue than the mission of Christ glorified through the salvation of sinful people. If we know that life and death hang in the balance… If we know that eternal life and the supreme glory of our God are on the line, then nothing should be able to stop us; no pain, no agony, no adversary, no obstacle. We simply cannot quit. Why? Simple. Because… nothing will ever be tougher than living with the regret of having given up on Christ.

Resisting the Exist is not just for today or tomorrow. Resisting the Exist is for the rest of your life until you cross the finish line. We don’t know when that day will be do we… but we do know we are not promised our next breath and that we could finish our race any day now. So with that in mind… we should live every single day like it’s the final leg, the final stretch and we should finish strong!