Scandalous Part 1: Murder & Mistrial

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Sermon Notes

Scandals can come in many shapes and sizes. From murders to conspiracy theories. From mysterious appearances to unexplainable phenomena. From coverups to missing people. Whether it be who really killed JFK, what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, or what is area 51… there are some scandalous things happening in this world. But if you want to hear about some of the most scandalous, most nefarious, and most extraordinary scandals of all time you don’t have to look to the grocery isle tabloids… you just need to open up your Bibles.

One of the biggest scandals in the Bible is the story of Easter where we see the mistrial and murder of Jesus Christ.  Yes their was conspiracy, plots, lies, beatings, and murder… all committed by evil people.  But we played a part too.  We are the murderers Jesus came to save. We are Barabbas. We are the ones who were released when Jesus was put on the cross. We are the ones who’s sins he died for.We are responsible for his death, and in a way we are his murderers.

But the trial is still in session… and you can still be set free from the guilt of his murder and the guilt of any sin you’ve ever committed. The Bible says clearly in John 3:16 that God loved the world so much that he sent his one and only Son that whoever would believe in him would not perish under the penalty of sin but have everlasting life. If you would only believe in Him. In his death and resurrection and surrender your life to him you can be saved by the blood of this innocent man. Jesus; the most innocent man of all time, murdered in cold blood, so murderers like us could be made innocent