Scandalous Part 2: The Missing Body

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Sermon Notes

Isn’t it convenient then, that our current scandal is during this time, during Easter? Why you say? Because Easter is scandalous. Last week we begun by looking at the situation from the trial of Christ to his murder on the cross. He was plotted against, conspired against, falsely accused, beaten and abused mercilessly, declared innocent multiple times, and killed on a cross. Why was his trial in the middle of the night. Why was he taken to four different judges and convicted without one credible witness. Why was he beaten with no proof of guilt? Why was he held captive while Barabbas the murderer was set free? Why was Jesus, a man free of sin, crime, or malice… a man who healed people, forgave people’s sins, who only helped people everyday… why was he sentenced do death? Now thats a scandal. 

The Body is missing… and it is a scandal no doubt… but the real scandal is that Jesus would die and raise again for us. The real scandal is that we were the ones who sinned against him. The real scandal is that we turned our backs on him. The real scandal is that even while we were sinners… still the love of Christ kept loving us… all the way to the cross… all the way to the grave… and all the way to a rolled away stone. Now you know what’s really missing? Meaninglessness… Purposelessness, uncertainty, the fear of sin, the fear of death, the fear of hell, the sting of our iniquity, the devastation of our selfishness. Do you know what’s really missing in the empty tomb now? Emptiness! You don’t have to be empty any more! Surrender to the risen Christ and be filled with life, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, long-suffering, goodness, mercy, and grace… for all of eternity. The Tomb Is Empty So You Don’t Have To Be