Sermon On The Mount Part 9: Overcoming Anxiety (Matthew 6:25-34)

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Sermon Notes

If you are struggling with anxiety and worry and fear can you allow Jesus to overcome that with his care for you? Can you hand your anxiety over to Christ? 1 Peter 5:7 tells us to cast all of our cares on Jesus because he cares for us. One, do you truly believe that God cares for you? Look at the way he cares for nature. Look at the way he cares for seemingly unimportant things like birds and flowers. Do feel that he cares for you even more? Look at how he has sent his son to die for you on the cross. Guys, God loves us more than we could ever know. He cares for you and your needs. Two, are you seeking him first? If you are trying to do it in your own strength then there is cause to worry. We will mess it up. But if you are seeking him first he assures us that he will meet all of our needs. Don’t put your faith in you and your abilities, put your faith in the one who had sustained the universe and holds the world in his hands. Third, Worry is dumb. It doesn’t help, it only hurts. It empties today of its strength. You can’t do anything helpful by worry. You can do a lot though with faith. Worry almost always assumes the lies that God either doesn’t care about us or that he is unable to help us.