Shepherds & Servants Part 13: Persist In Preaching (1 Timothy 4:13-16)

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Sermon Notes

Let’s look at the responsibility of our Elders to persist in preaching. Look with me at 1 Timothy 4:13-16. Elders, like Timothy and Paul, are to devote themselves to the public reading of the Bible, to preaching the application of the scriptures as well as to the teaching of the finer points of the doctrines in scripture. They are to practice and perfect their craft of preaching all the while keeping a close check on their spiritual condition.

Why? Why is it so important that Elders and Pastors teach the truth of scripture, and preach the application to the people in such a dynamic way that the people can see that they take it serious? Why should they be ordained by the elders and by the laying of hands? Why must they keep a close watch on their own lives as they focus on their teaching? Look at verse 16 again. For by doing so they will save themselves and their hearers. In essence lives are at stake! Lives hang in the balance and the first responders for the souls of men on this earth are those who preach the word of God!

For an Elder, for a pastor, nothing can be more important than teaching and preaching the word of God. They must take it serious. They must, what’s the word? PERSIST in it! For if they don’t, people will perish. If they don’t they may indeed perish as well. The bottom line today is simple; Those Who Preach Casually And Without Much Care, Have Spiritual Blood On Their Hands!