Shepherds & Servants Part 18: Walk In Purity (1 Timothy 5:19-25, 6:20-21)

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Sermon Notes

Shepherds and Servants protect the gospel, praise God for his mercy, hold to the faith, pray for the people, know God and obey his call, partner with women in ministry, lead the church, be qualified, don’t fall victim to legalism, don’t look down on the young, train for godliness, persist in preaching, disciple relationally, take care of widows, do not desire to be rich, pursue righteousness, and as we will see today, they are to walk in purity! And of course as we’ve said this entire series, this isn’t just for Elders and Deacons. Yes, they are the primary targets of this teaching, but every single believer, and every single covenant partner in the local church should strive for these same qualities!

So let’s look at today’s topic. A very fitting one as we finish this series. Walk in Purity! Just as every believer must pursue righteousness, every believer must walk in purity! Righteousness and purity are very similar. Where as last week we looked at how to be righteous both positionally and practically, this week we will look at how to avoid impurity! Last week was what should we do. This week is what you shouldn’t do! So let’s look at 1 Timothy 5:19-25.

Elders and Deacons are to be blameless, without reproach. They are to be pure in their walk. In everything they do they must set an example to the believers. The believers likewise must walk in purity as they will set an example to each other and the world. If there is sin amongst the Elders and Deacons it must be exposed. If there is sin amongst the body it must also be exposed so that the body can be restored! Purity, like impurity, is easily recognized and must be addressed. Purity for encouragement and impurity for restoration! The main point is simple; A pure walk is evident and an impure walk can’t be ignored. Whether in the leadership or within the church body!