The Stories of Jesus Part 1: Weeds & Seeds (Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20)

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Sermon Notes

How many of you have a garden? How many of you have ever sown seeds in the ground before? Does every seed that you plant grow up? No. Some get eaten by the birds don’t they? Some seeds sprout up and then immediately die. Some seeds sprout up but get entangled with weeds and don’t ever mature. But some seeds do what they are supposed to do; grow up and provide food or shade or beauty.

And what Jesus is trying to convey is this… we, humans are just like those seeds. When we hear the Gospel we are susceptible to the enemy coming and snatching away our faith, or the troubles of the world snuffing it out, or the riches of the world choking it out. So what we must have is a good soil for our faith.

Which seed are you this morning? Which soil are you sown into? Remember this; In This Life, Though It May Be Filled With Weeds, God Always Provides Good Soil For The Gospel Seed To Grow.