The Stories of Jesus Part 11: Rich Fools (Luke 12:13-21, 16:19-31)

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Sermon Notes

Today we are going to be looking at two parables that cover our favorite topic here, money. Of course I’m joking, no one likes sermons on money, especially me, but it’s in the scriptures, and Jesus cared enough about it to make it his most talked about topic. In fact, if you’ve been paying attention, 11 of his 39 parables deals directly or indirectly with the issue of money. The two we will tackle today are the two which talk most directly about the issue. Why did Jesus talk about money so much? Could it be that he knew that the one thing we would struggle with more than anything else would be the pursuit of money, the love of money, the lack of integrity when dealing with money, and the misuse of money?  Jesus knows this is a struggle for us. In Luke 12:15 He tells us to “take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. It is clear this morning that… we need to be reminded frequently that our wealth should be used for things of eternal value rather than temporary trinkets.