The Stories of Jesus Part 12: Persistent Prayer (Luke18:1-14)

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Sermon Notes

We definitely need to pray and we definitely need to be constant, consistent, and persistent in prayer. But there are a couple of things to remember. God isn’t just going to give you everything you ask for. He is always going to give you what he has promised to give you. And if he doesn’t give you what you want he is giving you something better. It doesn’t always feel better but I assure you it is. And, we have his assurance that no matter what, he will give us the peace, patience, and fortitude to walk through it. Just don’t give up praying! Secondly, always pray with humility and repentance. Never stand before God with your self-righteousness. You aren’t! He is! The more your acknowledge it the more you are going to grow in your walk with him.