The Stories of Jesus Part 8: The Wedding Feast (Luke 14:17-24, Matthew 25:1-13)

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Sermon Notes

Are you ready for the kingdom of God? What is it that you are still holding onto? Is it your pride? Learn to humble yourself before others and your God. Is it your wealth and possessions? Learn to serve the poor and needy as unto the Lord. Is it your schedule? Are you not available for the ministry of our God? Then you must dedicate your life to him and prioritize your life around his kingdom. Is if your devotion? Make yourself ready for the kingdom by putting oil in your lamps, by not quenching the work of the spirit in your soul, and by living every single day as unto the Lord.

We must respond to God’s wedding feast invitation with humility, generosity, availability, and readiness. Otherwise it will be just like eating a small portion of cake instead of eating like a king at the wedding feast our Lord has prepared for you! Many are called but few are chosen. Which one are you? We Shouldn’t Settle For A Measly Piece Of Cake When The Lord Has Prepared For Us A Huge Wedding Feast!