Through The Storm Part 4: A Sign Of Hope

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Sermon Notes

Instead of dreading the storms of life… the Bible, time after time, encourages us to rejoice in our sufferings. Romans 5:3-4 tells us to rejoice in our sufferings because eventually our suffering will produce perseverance, character… and lastly hope.

And here is our final struggle with the storm… here is our final question; “how in the world can the tragedies of my life eventually produce hope?” How do I walk out of the storm, not simply alive, but filled with hope? Seems like a contradiction doesn’t it? Storms, tragedies, trials, all should produce sorrow… and they do… but not hope and joy, right?

This world will have storms and tragedies… we can’t avoid them. But for every storm there will be a sign of hope… you just have to look and see them. Through the storm of cancer you can see the sign of a greater dedication to living a life of meaning. Through the storm of being fired you can see the sign of a new opportunity. Through the storm of divorce you can see the sign of a loving small group. Through the loss of a loved one you can see the sign of heaven and eternity with them. There are signs of hope all around us. Through every storm, God is supplying hope to those who know him. For every storm there is a sign of hope. Look at what the Bible says in Psalm 42:11 . When we are downcast, when our souls are hurting and there is turmoil within us… Hope in God… look to his signs of hope and praise him. God Has Never Allowed A Storm Without A Sign Of Hope