Weird Flex Part 6: I’m Wasted (Proverbs 20:1)

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Sermon Notes

Proverbs 20:1 says, “wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.” Simply put, it is foolish to be led astray by alcohol. It is unwise to drink too much, to wander into substance abuse, and to blatantly sin by becoming drunk. Like it or not, alcohol is a huge part of our society, and a huge problem in our culture and it must be addressed. And, I know that this may be a sensitive subject but Proverbs has a few things to say about the foolishness of alcohol consumption and substance abuse and I think it would be negligent of me as your pastor if we didn’t at least give it a look.   I’ve also noticed that it is not just a problem, but that this problem is celebrated. It is not uncommon for someone to brag about how much they drink and how often they are drunk. Even when I was in high-school kids would come to school flaunting how wasted they were. Like some badge of honor many people unashamedly admit that their weekend plans are to get wasted. In no small part our society lives for the weekend and many weekends involve binging on alcohol or drugs. The Bible says that this is foolish. It’s not godly, its not God honoring, and it clearly shows a lack of fear in God. It’s also not uncommon to see substance abuse celebrated on social media. Look at some of these tweets. The point is simple, a fool brags about being high, being drunk, being wasted… they may think it’s cool but it is a weird flex.   So, for those struggling with substance abuse or addiction, there is hope in the wisdom of Christ. For those who socially drink but often find they take it too far and get drunk, it’s time to repent and find wisdom in the Word of God. And for those who like to use recreational drugs like Marijuana, it’s time to turn from your foolishness and return to the wisdom found in God.  But you may say, it’s not a sin to drink. And you would be right. But is it always wise? This morning I want us to focus on the dangers of alcohol and drugs while also wrestling with the fact that alcohol isn’t forbidden for believers and is in some case prescribed. When it comes to this particular subject we must find a balance of staying within God’s will and if choosing to partake doing so with moderation. Wisdom is often finding that middle ground. But, let’s be honest. That is hard. That is difficult. And if it can’t be done, then it should be done away with. The main point is simple, When alcohol or drugs can not be handled with wisdom, the wise thing to do would be to not handle them at all!