WTDASCC Part 10: Servant Leadership (Acts 20:28)

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Sermon Notes

At Stone Creek, our prayer is that you would be able to trust and depend upon the leadership of our church.  As leaders we are not unaware of how many in our position seem to fall on an almost daily basis.  Therefore, we covenant with you to do the best we possibly can, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Grace of God, to rise above the attacks of the enemy, the temptations of this world, and the pride of our position.  

Paul makes it clear to leaders of the church, that we must take extra care of our own spiritual health so that we can care for your spiritual health. This isn’t our church, we are stewards of it. It is God’s church, bought by his own blood. Therefore we must be extra careful.  We are called to be servant leaders who shepherd, serve, and equip the people God has placed in our care, and we will give an account to Him of how well we do in that regard.