WTDASCC Part 7: Relational Outreach (Matthew 5:16)

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Sermon Notes

We must reach our world (our neighbors, our community, and our targeted foreign mission fields) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For centuries the American Church has tried to take short cuts to reach people.  Either through quick exchanges or through simple church invites, many of us have abdicated our responsibilities of fishing for men and outsourced it to others.  If we are to be obedient to our Lord’s commission we must actually reach people the way Jesus and the Bible models it; relational outreach.  The process is simple, yet lengthy and hard.  First, we must look for opportunities to care for people’s needs.  Secondly, we must meet those needs sacrificially.  Thirdly, we must take advantage of the care we’ve given to them and use that to form a relationship with them.  In time, if formed correctly, that relationship will lead to an opportunity to share the Gospel in a manner that is natural and well received!   If you want to reach people with the Gospel, you must give a care and you must be there!