Christmas Unwrapped Part 2: What Is Christmas (Galatians 4:4, Luke 2:8-16)

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Sermon Notes

The wrapping paper of Christmas looks like a lot of things; shopping, parties, television specials, music, movies, giving gifts, family reunions, egg nog, mistletoe, carols, elf on the shelf, and on and on… but thats not the real gift! The present under the wrapping paper is way more important and substantial! Christmas is about the fact that God kept his promise, sent his Son Jesus to earth as a man, to die for our sins and give us eternal life. If we focus on the wrapping paper we may become more selfish, more stressed, more worldly… but when we focus on the actual gift of Christmas, the gift of Jesus Christs given for the sins of all mankind, it transforms your life. It helps us keep our promises, it helps us trade our carnal life in for a life of true godliness, and it helps us recognize that we need salvation… we need to be born again. This morning… what is Christmas? Christmas is God with us, God for us, God born to die for our sins! Christmas is one of the greatest miracles the world has ever known and it should change who we are! If you know what Christmas is really all about, it should change your life.Christmas is about a night when a virgin favored by God gave birth to the son of God knowing that in due time he would give his life for the sins of the world! This why the nativity matters… this is what Christmas means. Yes, Charlie Brown… this is what Christmas is really all about!