Come and See Part 5: The Triumphant Entry (Mark 11:1-11)

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Sermon Notes

The city of Jerusalem explodes in adoration for Jesus. They accept him as the Messiah and Savior. They lift him up on the donkey of peace and they lay down their possessions at his feet. This is the most correct response ever to the most famous person who ever lived. But have we forgotten that he still lives. Have we lost sight of the fact that we no longer need to wait for him to arrive, he’s here… in our hearts through His Holy Spirit. We can worship him anytime, and should worship him all of the time.  We must worship him as he deserves. So, how are you worshipping him? How are you carrying the king of peace with your life? How does your daily actions reveal that Jesus is the famous one? What might you need to change about how you live in order to be a better representation of Christ’s fame? What are you laying down at the feet of the messiah? What possessions have you given him? Are you tithing and giving offerings in honor of him? What are you holding onto that you should lay down for his fame? How are you vocally declaring his fame? Are you so quiet that those around you have never heard you praise him? Would those who know you know that you think Jesus is the most famous person in your life? Have you ever praised Jesus in public? How can you do a better job of vocally lifting up your savior? Does your worship of Christ show others how famous He is? Jesus is the famous one and he is worthy of your praise!