Expect A Miracle Part 4: All Of Nature Submits To Christ (John 6:1-21)

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Sermon Notes

In the last three sermons we’ve seen Jesus’s sovereignty over everything that can affect our bodies and spirits. Disease, disability, and even demons are no match compared to the overwhelming power of Christ. And not only does Christ have this power but as our father and friend, he is willing to use his power to work in and through us, conquering our sickness, affliction, and demons for his glory! As the leper said, if you are willing I know you can heal me. He is able and he is willing.

But in John 6:1-21 we see that Jesus is not only sovereign over our physical and spiritual health, but he is also sovereign over all of nature. When he speaks storms stand still, when he prays bread multiplies and water becomes wine, and when he walks water becomes solid ground. Yes, there are natural laws; gravity, inertia, force, thermodynamics, but all of them are at the will of Christ; they all submit to him. Where it is impossible with men, it is more than possible with Christ and thats what a miracle is!

And so we say yes, we believe that Jesus has the sovereign power to do anything he wills… but how does that connect with us this morning when it comes to nature. How does the fact that Jesus can move mountains help me in my job, my marriage, my trials? Well I think it’s simple isn’t it; If Jesus can feed the masses from nothing, then he can surely make sure you are fed and clothed. If Jesus can calm the storms then surely he can calm the storms in your marriage. If Jesus can walk on water and turn water to wine then surely he can fill you with living water! The point is this… Jesus breaks the natural order of this world to show you that this world can’t break you!