Flawed Heroes Part 5: Samson The Passionate Prodigal

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Sermon Notes

Samson, a man blessed with many gifts from God, set apart for the Glory of God, lives a life completely in pursuit of his own passions.  In the process of living for himself, Samson manages to break every one of the tenets of the Nazarite Vow; stay away from dead things, stay away from alcohol, and do not cut your hair.  In doing so, Samson shows himself to be in complete rebellion and opposition to God.  Yet, God continues to spare him discipline or punishment and blesses him and makes him judge of Israel for 20 years.  Eventually God must get Samson’s attention but even then there is redemption.  The story of Samson isn’t about a strong hero who conquerors in God’s name.  It’s the story of a deeply sinful prodigal who receives the grace and mercy of a good, loving, and patient God.  No matter how far you fall, you’re never to far from the redemption of God.