One Small Step Part 3: Are We There Yet

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Sermon Notes

Don’t we all get frustrated and impatient at times? Aren’t we all, at times, just like kids in the car on the trip to the beach who keep saying, “are we there yet.” But there is joy in the journey isn’t there? There’s something worth celebrating about each step of the journey. I think it’s important this morning that we “Don’t Miss The Journey For The Destination.  So, we know the destination… we know that we are called to perfection… and even though we can’t achieve it in this lifetime, we keep pressing on as though we must We press on towards perfection because Christ has saved us and loved us and now we want to love him through the way we live this life. We repent of our sin and turn to walk after him. And everyday we walk, step by step, closer to Him and what he wants for us. Everyday we strive after a greater spiritual maturity. And it’s hard, and sometimes we mess up, and sometimes we move slower than others. But we know that there is grace and mercy with our God who is patient with us. And if he is patient with us, we can also be patient. Rather than throw our arms up and give up, rather than think that we are failures at this whole Christian thing, we recognize that we have made it to the bush. We aren’t there yet.. but we aren’t where we were either. And so we proclaim… We have made some movement and that is worth celebrating. Every single step forward is a step worth celebrating… the journey may be hard, and long, but it’s all a part of God’s plan to get you to glory… so Don’t Miss the Journey For the Destination.