Outcasts Part 3: The 12 Disciples (Matthew 10:1-26)

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Sermon Notes

When we take a deeper look at the twelve disciples we find a group of rag tag outcasts whom no respectable CEO would ever choose to lead anything, and yet Jesus chose them to change the world.  He called a group of impoverished, dirty, smelly, depraved, traitorous, blood thirsty, and yet ordinary people to become the apostles.  We are tempted to ask why, but then we are confronted with the question, why would Jesus chose any of us?  We aren’t the best or the brightest.  We aren’t the strongest or the most worthy, and yet he calls us to be his disciples.  Could the reason he chose the 12 be the same as the reason he has chosen us – to use the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.  Jesus has chosen us, thoroughly ordinary people, that through us he might show himself without a doubt, an extraordinary God.