Sermon On The Mount Part 3: To Fulfill The Law (Matthew 5:17-20)

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Sermon Notes

Jesus has fulfilled the law and still wants us to live according to it.  He fulfilled it by coming as the Messiah and proving such by fulfilling over 456 unique prophecies and doing small miracles such as… raising from the dead.  He fulfilled it by keeping the law perfectly; meaning he never sinned and his enemies admitted as much.  He fulfilled it by paying our sin debt by dying in our place on the cross.  He has fulfilled the law completely!   But that doesn’t mean that we no longer have any use of the law.  Just because we aren’t beholden to the law for salvation doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t want to live according to it in order to worship our Lord. If Jesus has saved you, why would you not want to love him the way he wants to be loved? He clearly wants to be loved by us through an adherence to His word. The Law shows us our sin and need to be saved. Jesus fulfills the Law by forgiving us and being our savior