Weird Flex Part 4: I Make My Momma Cry All The Time (Proverbs 10:1)

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Sermon Notes

Proverbs 10:1 says, “a wise son makes a glad father but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother.” A wise son, a son who fears God and receives wise counsel makes his parents proud. As a father I completely understand. Before kids the only person I really was concerned about, to some degree, was myself. What could I achieve. What success could I become. What was my legacy going to be. But then you have kids… and more kids… and more kids… and before you know it you have 5 little Shevis and Lisas running about and I’ll level with you; the thing that makes me happiest in this entire world is when my kids have success and when my kids overcome their obstacles in life. Now I care about their legacy more than my own.  And when they make me proud it has it’s benefits. I try my hardest to motivate my kids to do well in their studies so I bribe them with money and prizes and whatever I can. One of my tricks is that if they can get straight A’s on a report card then the next 6 weeks they get one skip day from school and I’ll take em out to eat, take em to a movie, or whatever they want. Just recently me and Hudson took the day off, went to Greensboro and watched Super Mario and it was a great day. The point is I am proud of my kids and a wise son wants to make his parents proud because it often comes with fringe benefits.  On the other hand, a foolish son will bring sorrow to his parents. In particular here in this verse it mentions moms. Now, I don’t have to tell you but you know. If my kids make me mad, its one thing. And as a rule of thumb in my house, you don’t want to make dad mad. But if you talk back to mom, or treat her without respect, or heaven forbid make her cry… well that’s just dumb cause now Dad is mad and mom is sad and… let’s just say that no one is going to escape the groundings that are about to get dished out. When you dishonor your parents it comes with very harsh consequences. It is foolish, foolish, foolish to bring sorrow to your mom.  Why do kids do this? Why do daughters and sons in our society today find it amusing, even liberating, to dishonor their parents and bring sorrow to their mothers, and then they go on Dr. Phil or twitter and bad mouth them and act like its a good thing? I remember seeing one post on facebook where a woman was bragging about the fact that she makes her momma cry all the time. I thought, that’s a weird flex… and it ain’t okay. That’s not cool. That’s not good. That’s not Godly. It’s flat out dumb, so don’t do it. When you dishonor your mom, you destroy your own legacy. Today we are going to look at three reasons why loving your mother and honoring your parents is wise and dishonoring them is foolish and destroys your legacy.