He Said What Part 2: I Came Not To Call The Righteous But Sinners (Mark 2:15-17)

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Sermon Notes

It’s a shocking statement that Jesus would rather build his church with wicked and depraved sinners than the observably righteous.  But Jesus can spot a fake can’t he?  We can stand before God pretending that we are righteous, hoping that somehow he will be appeased by our religious efforts, but in the end we will find that he hates our half-hearted attempts at playing christianity.  What he desires is for us to come before him as we truly are, wretched, depraved, and broken over our sinful state.  What is the point of standing before the altar as a pharisee when we are nothing more than tax collectors unworthy of lifting up our heads to heaven?  Jesus isn’t looking for the righteous for the righteous who see no need for him will never have any use for him.  Jesus is looking for those who know they can’t make it without him.  Jesus is looking for those who know that if he doesn’t come through then they are through, and the only way Jesus is going to come through is if you seek him in your contrition.