He Said What? Part 4: Who Are My Mother And My Brothers (Mark 3:31-35)

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Sermon Notes

One time Jesus was doing his thing and his Mom came to visit him and.. with his momma standing right there and everyone telling him, “Hey Jesus, your momma is here.” He said….. “who?” “Who is my mother and my brothers?” For real, check it out in Mark 3:31-35. Now, if I didn’t know better I would think Jesus was acting the fool! You don’t disrespect your momma by saying, “who is my momma, when she’s right there.” But again, Jesus didn’t mess up. He meant every word he was saying because again he was trying to teach us something by shocking our ears. Sometimes you got to shock them ears so people can hear.  So what exactly in the world did Jesus mean when he said, “who is my mother and my brothers?” Well, let’s start by what he didn’t mean. He didn’t mean that his mother, Mary, was not his earthly mother. He didn’t mean that he didn’t love her and that he didn’t respect her and treat her like any good son should. Jesus loved his momma. It didn’t mean he had some beef with his brothers or that there was a domestic issue that needed to be addressed. Jesus loved his brothers; most of which followed Him in his ministry. So what did he mean?  He meant that while it was clear that he had an earthly family that he loved and cared for, the family that matters the most is spiritual family! Jesus isn’t minimizing the importance of family relationships; rather, He is emphasizing that having a right relationship with God is more important. While you can’t control which family you are born into, each of us must make a choice to be born again into the family of God. That’s his point Blood may be thicker than water, but spirit outlasts blood! Many of us have family who are not our spiritual family. The cold hard fact is that unless they accept Christ, unless they submit to the will of God, your relationship with them will not extend beyond this world. But, for all who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, your relationship with them will last forever. So what really matters? One, those who are your spiritual family and two, doing everything you can to bring those who aren’t into the family! The focus this morning is simple; We should celebrate our spiritual family by increasing our spiritual family!