Philippians Part 4: Shine

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Sermon Notes

If you want to be noticed on youtube you have to have Hollywood grade production value. You have to come up with the craziest gimmicks. And you have to do a lot of give aways. Thats what the world has to do to get noticed.But if we try that as Christians it will backfire. You see the world wants from Christians the exact opposite. From us they want authenticity. They want something real and not over produced. They want real relationships and real community.

And, so, how do we get noticed? If we want to be noticed then we must shine. We must strike their sight by shining brighter than we ever have before. So we discipline ourselves to be spiritually mature people who possess the best of qualities; positivity, unity, integrity, purity. So we selflessly serve in big ways and for the long haul. We engage in relational outreach with big displays of love. We open doors for conversations through giant acts of service. We engage in conversation and form relationships. And eventually we earn the right to share the Gospel. And we risk it all for Christ. When you do this… you will Shine So Bright That You Can’t Be Ignored.